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A better drinking experience

Are you tired of drinking warm rosé or beer on a summer day? We've got the answer. Our range of insulated wine bottles, beer can & bottle coolers and tumblers keep your drinks at the right temperature for longer.

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"Absolutely stunning product keeps wine cold and the tumblers are adorable"

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What's Sup?

A better drinking experience

You wouldn't drink a cold cup of tea! So, why drink warm rosé or a warm beer? There's actual science behind this too; if your favourite drink is served at the correct temperature, then it tastes better.

The perfect partner for beach days, BBQ's, picnics and even hot mulled wine on a cold winter's day.

Sup's range of insulated wine bottles, tumblers and beer can & bottle coolers keep your drinks at the right temperature for longer.


Can you put sparkling wine in a Sup insulated wine bottle?

Yes. Unlike other brands on the market, all Sup insulated wine bottles are prosecco and champagne tested.

Just pour slowly and carefully using the included silicone funnel, ensuring that you don't lose too much fizz whilst transferring.

What size cans & bottles does Capsule hold?

Capsule uses patented Flexi-Grip technology to hold almost any size can or bottle, including:

Traditional cans: 330ml (coke can), 440ml, 500ml and 568ml.

Slim cans: 250ml - 330ml, including energy drinks, hard seltzer and pre-mixed cocktails.

Bottles: 275ml - 355ml beer bottles, alcopops, cider and soft drinks.

How long will my drinks stay cold?

Our insulated wine bottles keep wine cold for up to 24 hours. Just chill your wine in the fridge as you usually would and transfer to your Sup bottle using the included silicone funnel.

Our insulated wine bottles will also keep mulled wine and other hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours.

Tumblers stay cold for up to 6 hours, and hot for up to 3.

Capsule will keep your beer or other drink of choice cold from the first drop to the last.

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes, all Sup products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can return your purchase within 30-days for a quibble-free refund.

All Sup products also come with a lifetime guarantee to protect against inherent defects and rust.

If you need any support please reach out to our UK based support team

How easy is it to pour my wine into the insulated wine bottle?

We've included a silicone funnel with every Sup insulated wine bottle to ensure that you won't spill a drop.

Does it cool my drink?

No, our products are made from insulated stainless steel. They do not have any cooling function and they're designed to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature. Chill (or heat) your drink as you usually would and pop it in a Sup bottle, tumbler or can cooler and...enjoy!

What are your products made from?

All Sup products are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel. Our products are either double or triple insulated, to ensure your drinks stay hot or cold until the last drop.

Will it hold a full bottle of wine?

Oh yes! Our insulated wine bottles have a 750ml capacity to hold a full bottle of wine. Our wine tumblers hold almost half a bottle of wine each, saving you multiple trips to the wine fridge.

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